Ari & Yarbie


Hi, I'm Ariana!
But you can call me Ari.

If you’ve met me, I’m either talking about the wheat processing in America, going skydiving, or am experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen. As an elite triathlete for over 10 years, nutrition has been integral to my success: having a deep understanding of your body as it relates to performance and daily health has been the ethos of my existence. I have worked with the best doctors, therapists, and PhDs to hone my understanding of the body, performance and overall daily health to give back to others so they can pursue their own goals and personal passions. Lactic acid threshold, VO2 max, nutrition, supplementation and strategic performance enhancement were all ingrained in my persona since I was 7 years old.

My passions live at the intersection of nutritional science and exercise sports physiology. The seamless combination of understanding one’s body from the inside out affords an irrefutable confidence in health, wellness and performance. Food is an art. Food is a science. Food is necessary for the best quality life you can live. During each chapter of my life, I aspire to impact millions by modifying nutrition facts labeling to meet macro-level understanding, help globalize sustainable farming practices, and provide solutions for the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Hey, I'm Kate!
But you can call me Yarbie.

As humorous as it may sound, I learned about the gut microbiome before I learned how to multiply in school. I obtained my health coach certification at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, where I was trained by over 100 world-class educators who are leading physicians, researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts at the forefront of the health and wellness movement.

From working at startups such as SAKARA and Dannijo, and venture capital firms Halogen and RTP, I developed an acute awareness of the founding and funding that amplifies the missions of the entrepreneurs we feature.

​My personal awakening to the mind-body connection caused me to reflect on the importance of what we consume — from extra gratitude for my morning coffee to the energy of the sun in the desert. Likewise, my hope is that this podcast can be empowerment you consume — inspiring action in your own life & feeling like you have best friends to cheer you on, amidst the journey.

Fav. way to move your body?

"The Class" by Taryn Toomey or a long run! -K
A hard lift, hike, or run! Anything outside. -A

go-to snack on the go?

A belliWelli bar (& a Dune Drink to hydrate) -K
I'm BYO trail mix girl til the day I die! -A
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How did you start green-ish? 

In 2021... out of our dorm rooms!


Can I say both... -K
Matcha in America, coffee in Melbourne! -A

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